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    /UV Printer is a kind of multifunction inkjet flatbed printer,which can print directly on any materials directly,no need coating and pretreatment.For more details,please contact with us
    /This multifunction printer is mainly for t-shirt printing,its easy to do directly printing with our printer machine,but you need some basic knowledge of inkjet printer,also we can use this printer to print other stuff,such as phone case,lighter,pen,glass,
    /Heat Function,usually we need to preheat the product like t-shirt before printing to get good quality image and enhance print speed,Now our printer with heat function,which means that you can heat the t-shirt while printing,which not only can enhance the
    /This model is a3 size 8 color t-shirt printer which based on epson dx5 printer white ink printing.
    /This coffee printer can print on coffee,drinks,milk and foods
    /Our 3D Multifunction Printer not only can print on flat bed product,but also it can print on cylinder product,like bottle,mug,and candle,for more details,please contact with us
    /This Model CD Printer can print 50pcs CD/DVD at same time,full automatic,please contact with us for more information
    /This golf ball printer
    /Our Coffee Printer can print on foam coffee,chocolate,food,foam milk,cookies directly,contact us for more details
    /This is new Flatbed Printer from "World Best",this model is new version which build with heat function,and works with special Eco Solvent Ink,printer can print directly on pc,pvc,pu,And this printer is design for printing phone case,id card,or other plast
    /This UV Printer is the smallest and Most stable uv printer,it can print any materials directly without coating,and the price is only USD1900/Set